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MyOn 140

Manual Wheelchair Invacare MyOn


MyOn Wheelchair
The Invacare MyOn wheelchair is one of the best examples of cross-compatibility in the Invacare range.

Offering high levels of efficiency for dealers, platform sharing across the MyOn family makes re-using and refurbishment an easy to attractive feature. With an appealing design and multiple functionalities, in terms of stability and comfortm this means that the MyOn takes things to a new level.

  • Unique crossbrace design helps improve stability and make the chair easier to fold and un-fold.
  • A four point seat saddle helps improve the ridgidity in the frame.
  • Designed to ensure greater driving performance; a lightweight frame and high quality components make for easy rolling and manoeuvrability.
  • Adaptable and modular frame accomodates progressive changes in user needs.



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