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V4 Mattress System


V4 Mattress System (Accomodates ROHO Sections)

Vitacare Medical Products’ V4 mattresses and V4 Re-ACT mattress (standard size 6 x 36 x 80 only) are distributed in Canada exclusively through Advanced Healthcare Products located in Montreal, Quebec

For all V4 mattress sizes other than 6 x 36 x 80, please contact Vitacare Medical Products directly for a quotation.  Over the past few years,  we have seen a sharp increase in demand for custom sized V4s in twin, double, and queen.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible design allows the product to be adapted to meet patient’s changing needs.
  • The unique zoned systems allows for up to four ROHO sections to be used for therapeutic treatment as well as the option to use the “Memory Foam” inserts for prevention of skin breakdown.
  • The Vitacare V4 Mattress system with ROHO creates the optimal therapeutic environment for skin healing and protection.
  • Additional Options for V4 Mattress: Recovery 5 Incontinent Cover with elastic bottom, leveling pads, top surface of Visco “Memory Foam”


V4 Mattress - 3040NU

Designed to accommodate one ROHO section or one Visco “Memory Foam” insert to specifically target the sacral region.


V4 Mattress - 3040NU-146

Designed to accommodate a maximum of two inserts (ROHO and/or Visco “Memory Foam” inserts) to target the sacral and heel regions or sacral and shoulder region. Ideal for patients with multiple areas of concern.



#3040NU-146 (8″ Movable Divider)
Designed to accommodate a maximum of two inserts (ROHO and/or Visco “Memory Foam” inserts) to target the sacral and heel regions. Moveable divider for added ROHO or foam placement flexibility. Ideal for patients with sacral and heel pressure concerns.


3040nu-138 1

Designed to accommodate a maximum of two consecutive inserts (ROHO and/or Visco “Memory Foam” inserts) to target a larger sacral region. Ideal for patients without heel pressure concerns.


V4 Mattress - 3040NU - 157

The most versatile V4 Mattress system accommodates up to three consecutive inserts (ROHO and/or Visco “Memory Foam” inserts). Provides optimal pressure management for a patient that is at high risk overall.


Standard size: 6” x 36” x 80”
Weight Capacity: 300 lb Maximum
ROHO size: 3″ x 19″ x 34″

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