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We Offer Free In Home Assessments!

Home and Vehicle Modification Gallery

Having equipment installed in your home or vehicle is a big change for anyone who wants to be safe at home or in their vehicle. Our highly-trained technicians and installers at SUPERIOR Home Health Care will help you with the installation of anything we sell. View our Gallery of installations.

Trusted Healthcare Suppliers

We only provide the highest quality of home health care equipment and supplies.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

Designed for Safety, Functionality & Comfort! Face Shields provide a superior level of protection against droplets and splashing.

Face Shields are a major asset for you personally, and if you are in business …for your company.  They offer effective protection to everyone at all points of contact where it is impossible to comply with the distancing rules issued by the government. Moreover, thanks to their extensive coverage, they significantly reduce facial contact.

They are currently used by cashiers, cooks, operators, contractors, educators, and the hospital environment.  When worn in combination with a fabric mask, your level of personal protection, and the protection you provide to others, is greatly enhanced.

They come pre-packaged containing one tilting headpiece with 10 easily replaceable shields.  The shields can be wiped clean and reused until they are too scratched or damaged to keep using …a new shield can then be easily snapped into place.