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Ottobock Leckey Advanced Bath Chair


The rugged Leckey Advance Bath Chair can easily be adjusted to multiple heights—so your child can relax comfortably regardless of how full the bath is.

Learn more about the incredible support the Leckey Advance Bath Chair offers.

  • Easy to use levers help you set just the right height for the front and rear legs. They can even be adjusted independently to achieve different seat angles. Simple to store, too!
  • With four sizes to choose from, we’ve definitely got your kid, adolescent, or young adult covered. Max. weight of 158 lbs (72 kg).
  • The optional shower trolley makes the Advance Bath Chair perfect for use in the shower, too.
  • The Advance bath chair’s non-slip footings keep the chair in place—during bathing and play.
  • The Advance Bath Chair comes in 6 different color options: aquamarine, Irish green, royal blue, sun yellow, terracotta and violet.
  • The lateral pads keep kids front and center, while the chest strap will keep them from slipping down.
  • The nylon fabric is woven into a soft, comfortable support, which lets water through while gently supporting your child.
  • The unique shape of the backrest lets your child sit in a comfortable, relaxed position while bathing or playing in the tub or shower. Hip and chest straps keep your child upright and secure.

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