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Dynamic Health Care Solutions – Vicair Vector Cushion


Vector 6 and Vector 10 Features

• The Vector is a perfect cushion for achieving a high level of skin protection in combination with a functionally stable sitting position.

• Appropriate for individuals with various risk factors for the development of pressure ulcers (decreased sensation, inability to perform weight shifts, incontinence, diabetes, poor circulation, etc.).

• Ideal for clients with more complex positioning needs as the specially designed cushion compartments can provide a custom fit by adding or subtracting SmartCells™. The design promotes proper alignment of the lower extremities through the tapered leg adductors and adjustable leg troughs.

• Vector 6 is a 2” high cushion for active users or for low seat-to-floor height.
• Vector 10 is a 4” high cushion for optimal immersion and pressure distribution

Cushion Covers

Vicair® Reversible Cover

The NEW Vicair® Reversible Cover gives you the option of both the comfair and incontience covers in one easy to use cover. The Reversible cover protects the inner cushion, whichever side you use to sit on. The cover is delivered with the cool breathable side on the outside, and is easily reversed for the use of the incontinence cover.


The Academy inner cover is protected against accidental urine contamination and or detergent. The reversible can be machine washed at 60 degrees C.

Choose Vicair for All the Right Reasons

Ready to Use

Vicair® has redesigned the SmartCells™ making them softer and thinner. All Vicair® cushions now have a softer feel and allow the user to immerse into the cushion more than previously.

Low Maintenance

A Vicair cushion requires little or no maintenance once it is properly adjusted in situations where necessary. Adjustments can be made to the cushion while an individual is sitting on it, resulting in fewer transfers. There’s no need to worry about re-inflation or leaks with Vicair® cushions. Air is encapsulated in the SmartCells™, which have excellent pressure distribution properties. The SmartCells™ envelop the seating surface, distributing pressure away from the delicate areas of the sacrum, coccyx and ischial tuberosities while also providing relief from shear.


Vicair cushions provide a dynamic seating surface that can be adjusted to accommodate or correct orthopaedic deformities such as pelvic obliquity and posterior pelvic tilt. If an individual’s positioning needs change over time, SmartCells™ can be added to or removed from the cushion’s compartments. If an individual has a flexible orthopaedic deformity but
cannot tolerate full correction at one time, gradual, gentle adjustments are also possible thanks to the unique design of the SmartCells™ and cushion compartments.


The unique immersion properties of Vicair’s SmartCells™ allow the user to immerse into the cushion while also providing stability. This gives users independence when engaged in everyday activities and also provides a stable base for transfers and improved propulsion efficiency.

Light Weight

Users can keep the overall weight of their mobility system to a minimum with Vicair’s ultra lightweight technology. The cushions weigh 1.25 to 1.8 pounds.

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