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Invacare Matrx Flovair Cushion


The Invacare Matrx Flovair Cushion is designed to provide pelvic stability, leg positioning and pressure management for users with postural asymmetry and skin integrity issues. The Invacare Matrx Flovair Cushion begins with the base for comfort, stability and function. This hybrid cushion captures the stability of foam, the pressure redistribution of air and the shear management of fluid.

Outer cover – Moisture resistant and breathable. Includes non-slip base, hook and loop fasteners and a lifting strap.
Inner cover – Moisture resistant. Easily wipes clean. Zippered cover allows access for cushion modifications.

Fluid overlay – Works in tandem with the Invacare® ThinAir™ bladder to maximize surface area for optimal pressure redistribution. Shear management as the two layers work in harmony without weight penalty. Compensates for different body types as fluid/air layers envelop body contours.
ThinAir bladder – Comfort layer assists in redistributing peak pressures away from bony prominences. Helps manage shear forces.

Positioning foam base – Waterfall front edge. Soft foam allows immersion of pelvis for comfort and stability. Medial and lateral thigh supports facilitate positioning and alignment of lower extremities. Trochanter cutouts facilitate proper pressure redistribution and comfort. Firm foam inserts under the cutouts add support. Posterior pelvic support provides pelvic control that is required for stability and function. Sacral cutout provides additional comfort and support for those sitting in a posterior pelvic tilt. Gentle or max contour choices based on need for gentle or high level of posture control.

Removable leg wedges – Allow lower seat-to-floor height for foot propellers. Accommodates limited hip flexion by opening up seat-to-back angle.
Pelvic Obliquity Kit – Easily installed on Invacare Matrx Flovair cushions. Accommodates 0.5″ or 1″ obliquities.

Cushion Ridigizer – Lightweight, slim profile solid seat insert. Contoured to eliminate “hammock effect” of sling upholstery.


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