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Blood Pressure Monitors


The Precision 6.0 combines the essential features like Irregular Heartbeat Detection, BIOS Averaging, and a BP Assessment Indicator, all on an Easy Read LED screen.

BIOS Precision 6.0

– Blue Backlit DIsplay
– BIOS Averaging
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– 2 Users x 90 Memories
– Wide Range Cuff (23-43cm)
– AC/DC Adapter Included


A Home-Medical breakthrough. The BIOS Diagnostics Precision 10.0 is the only home blood pressure monitor equipped with atrial fibrillation screening technology. Patented MAM averaging and advanced blood pressure PC software ensure precise readings and detailed heart health analysis.

Bios Blood Pressure precision 10.0

– Atrial Fibrillation Detection
– MAM Averaging Technology
– Wide Range Cuff (23-42cm)
– Stores 200 Memories
– Lifetime Warranty
– AC/DC Adapter

The BIOS Protocol is specifically designed to help patients follow Hypertension Canada’s (HC)* recommendation that employs home blood pressure monitoring in the diagnosis of hypertension. The device has special software that follows Hypertension Canada guidelines exactly by automatically taking two morning and two evening blood pressure measurements for seven days. After the test period, the device calculates the patient’s blood pressure according to the guidelines. *2015 Hypertension Canada Recommendations for blood pressure measurement, diagnosis, assessment of risk, prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Bios Blood Pressure Protocol 7D


• 2 users x 90 memories
• Averages last 3 readings
• BP assessment indicator
• Detects irregular heartbeat
• Adapter included
• Wide range cuff included (24 – 43 cm / 9.4”-17”)
• Storage case included
• 10 year warranty

The Precision 4.0 delivers the accuracy and precision you expect from BIOS Diagnostics, in half the size. With its convenient carrying case, the Precision 4.0 makes for a great travel unit.

Bios Blood Pressure compact 4.0

– 90 Memories
– Averages Last 3 Readings
– AC/DC Adapter

Clinical accuracy, made comfortable. The Precision Series 6.0 is the only wrist blood pressure monitor that has been clinically tested to BHS A/A Protocol Standards. The highly portable unit is easy to use and is features patented PAD irregular heartbeat detection and a medication alarm system.

Bios Blood Pressure Wrist 6.0

– 2 Medication Alarms
– 200 Memories
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– Travel Case
– 10 Year Warranty


The Physio Logic Essential Blood Pressure Monitor Model 106-930. This fully automatic blood pressure monitor offers you easy to use features for optimal accuracy and comfort:

Physio logic blood pressure

Comes with a medium cuff size

  • Large easy to read screen
  • Multi-user (4 x 30 memories)
  • Heart rate indicator
  • Date and time indicator
  • Large cuff size is available (#106-931)
  • 2 year limited warranty

The essentiA Blood Pressure Monitor, with its extra large easy to read screen, has a unique design.

This fully automatic blood pressure monitor offers you multi user features for up to 4 people.

Meets all required Canadian & US FDA Standards including ANSI/AAMI SP-10 & ESH International Protocol

Blood pressure monitor and medium size arm cuff, fits 8.7” to 14.2” (22 to 36 cm) arm circumference
Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

ATTENTION: Your physician’s reading may sometimes differ from your home readings. This could be related to a phenomenon known as “white coat syndrome”. You should not assume that any single reading taken is your usual blood pressure.

In fact, blood pressure varies constantly throughout the day. Common activities affect your level of heart activity and stress, thereby influencing your blood pressure.


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