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Foot Controls – Veigel


Electronic Left Foot Accelerator

Veigel has introduced the NEXT GENERATION of left foot accelerators.

This paradigm shift in safety now requires the trained driver to activate the left pedal prior to each use.

A separate key is required to turn the system on and a toggle switch to transfer function to the left accelerator pedal after the vehicle has been started. When done so, only the left pedal is functional. No need for an accelerator guard as the the OEM pedal (right) is not operational.

The system always defaults to the right side accelerator pedal after the vehicles ignition has been turned off.

There is no need to remove the device. As an added safety feature, when the key is removed, the system can not be turn on, eliminating the possibility of use by unintended drivers such as a valet or service technician.

We use only OEM proven circuits and accelerator pedals to ensure the highest quality and reliability of the entire system.

If your mobility equipment dealer is concerned about installing left foot accelerators due to insurance or liability concerns, the Veigel ELFA may be the solution. Please contact your local Mobility Dealer (use our of dealer locator) for more information concerning available applications.

3545 Left Foot Accelerator

Our Left Foot Accelerator is easily installed using our quick release base – making it easier to remove for other drivers. It allows you to use your left foot to accelerate, while the pedal guard protects the right accelerator.

Electronic left foot accelerator

One will find a secure and unsurpassed comfortable solution with the Veigel electronic left foot accelerator. It suits perfectly for frequently changing driver.

Left foot accelerator and original pedal are connected via a secure electronic device which prevents unintentional switch during the drive. The inactive pedal can be fully passed through to use fully the available space.

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