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Pedal and Brake Guards


1. A204 Gas Pedal Guard

Sure Foot (Removable) Left Foot Gas Pedal Guard

Sure Foot was designed to offer you a left foot gas pedal which acts exactly like your vehicle’s existing gas pedal.

Sure Foot Removable features a quick release base so the entire assembly can be removed and re-installed quickly and easily.

Attached to the aluminum base, Sure Foot removable comes equipped with an adjustable pedal guard.

Fits virtually any vehicle and can be installed easily into your vehicle.

2. Gas and Brake Guard

Gas and Brake Guard

This light weight but durable guard prevents accidental contact with both brake and accelerator pedals.

Available in SURE GRIP’s easy to use design, it also comes in quick release format models.

Convenient built-in handle makes this guard simple to install

3. A208 Gas Pedal Guard

A208 Gas Pedal Guard

Introducing the new A208 Gas Pedal Guard from Sure Grip. Instead of using the traditional method of bolting the gas guard to the floor of your vehicle, the A208 utilizes the studs of the OEM gas pedal for mounting, completely eliminating the need to drill holes in your vehicle’s floor. Once installed, the pedal simply slides in and out of it’s mount, making removal and replacement simple and effortless.

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