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Maxi Lite Lift


The Maxi Lite, with a safe working load (SWL) of 350 lbs, is delivered to you assembled. The Maxi Lite has an integrated charger allowing for easy charging. For higher usage applications, there is an optional wall charger available, which assures the lift is always ready for use with  fully charged battery.

Safe and Secure
The slings are very easy to apply from the seated or supine position with the split leg design. They are safe and secure due to the no swing and sway design utilizing short clips instead of long straps. This allows the Maxi Lite to easily maneuver while the legs are in the closed position.

Comfortable Slings
The slings are also extremely comfortable with the padded leg sling design. This, together with the reclining action of the unique frame, creates a feeling of complete security. All of the slings are color-coded to make size selection easier.

Powered Remote Handset
The powered remote handset operation allows the operator to stay close to the resident at all times, which is a particularly useful feature when lifting from the floor. The Maxi Lite has completely dual controls for ease of use.

Less Storage Space
The Maxi Lite is collapsible, which means easier portability and less storage space. At its narrowest, the Maxi Lite passes through a standard doorway. At its widest, it fits around an armchair or wheelchair.

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