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Tranquility Underpads


Peach Sheet Underpad

Peach Sheet Underpads provide superior absorbent capacity, and able to contain well over one quart of fluid. Four adhesive tape tabs secure the positioning of nearly 5 square feet of protection to wheelchairs, bedding and furniture. It is ideal for those who are at risk of skin breakdown due to fragile skin or excessive urination.  Latex-Free.

Heavy Duty Disposable Underpads Offer Extra Protection

Tranquility’s Heavy Duty Underpad offers an extra layer of protection. These disposable bed pads are made of extra-strong, cloth-like material that will absorb up to a quart of liquid. The cloth-like outer shell is slip resistant and will resist tearing under most conditions. Heavy Duty Underpads measure 30 inches by 36 inches. At nearly one square yard, Tranquility’s disposable bed pads provide another layer of protection against leaks and accidents, saving on laundry costs and caregiver strain.

Tranquility’s high-quality incontinence products promote skin integrity while reducing the risk for pressure ulcers. These disposable underpads rapidly absorb up to a quart of liquid thanks to Tranquility’s patented Peach Mat Construction, a unique blend of fast-acting and extra-absorbent polymers that can handle even the heaviest incontinence episodes. The Peach Mat Construction will keep the skin dry and prevent the damaging effects of moisture while reducing odor and neutralizing urine ph.

Tranquility’s Heavy Duty Underpads are a durable yet soft disposable bed pad designed to meet the needs of customers and caregivers, ensuring an extra layer of protection. The Heavy Duty Underpad can be used in almost any situation to protect bedding, furniture, wheelchairs and clothing while helping to reduce laundry costs. Heavy Duty Underpads are latex free.

AIR-Plus™ Underpad

The AIR-Plus Underpads are designed for use with low-air-loss bed systems.  The microporous backsheet allows heat, air and moisture vapor to escape improving air circulation and supporting optimal skin integrity while preserving the mattress and bed dryness. The soft, consistently smooth, even surface minimizes pressure points and shear/friction concerns. Latex-free.


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