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Tilt Manual Wheelchair Handicare IBIS


The IBIS Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair takes the terms “multi-functional” and multi-adjustable to a whole new level. With its unique and versatile Sedeo Pro Seat System as well as its wide range of components and accessories, the IBIS is able to offer precise comfort and positioning, on-going adjustability for changing user needs, and precise chair settings for maximum user independence.

Un-surpassed, On-going Adjustability: The uniqueness of the IBIS begins with its Sedeo Pro Seat System. From the latin “I Sit” the “Sedeo” Pro seat frame offers many built-in telescopic style adjustments that can be moved and set in place, making the IBIS a virtual “one size fits all” tilting wheelchair. These adjustments can be done immediately on the spot to ensure optimum user fit and allow for on-going adjustability if the user’s needs change over time.


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