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Power Wheelchair Handicare Alex


Meet Alex – the power wheelchair that was specifically designed with Comfort in mind. Unprecedented driving comfort is achieved with the unique VIA (VIbration Absorption) independent suspension system that not only absorbs heavy bumps but also smaller vibrations, making Alex ideal for the active user traveling around the community and people who require pain management.

Added comfort also comes with the multi-adjustable “QLASS” (Quality of Life Adjustable Seat System). Its on the spot adjustments and modular components provide a personalized fit and excellent postural support. Should positioning needs change over time, the system can be re-adjusted quickly and efficiently. Along with comfort and function, Alex makes a long-lasting impression with its modern European design.

Ultimate Driving Comfort:

Alex’s unique VIA absorbs bumps and minimizes vibrations, giving an incredibly comfortable ride. VIA’s unique design provides independent suspension to all four wheels, allowing for optimized handling and control. The standard extra-large casters (10”) ensure the most comfortable ride possible, even on rougher surfaces.


With its compact dimensions, low seat height (17”), and easy maneuverability, Alex feels right at home around the house. Alex is available in both rear and front wheel drive configurations so maneuverability and performance can be matched to the driving environment.

New Short Wheelbase option:

Also available is the “short wheelbase” option in rear wheel drive. This option further enhances driving performance, maneuverability, and driving traction.


Unsurpassed Seating Adjustability:

From the Latin “I Sit”, the QLASS seat frame offers many built-in telescopic style adjustments that can be moved and set in place, offering a virtual “one size fits all” seating concept. These adjustments can be done on the spot to ensure optimum user fit and allow for on-going adjustability if needs change over time. The QLASS’ modular, interchangeable seating components and accessories provide excellent support for the entire body.

Modular Design:

Due to its modular design and enhanced adjustability, Alex can be tailored to your own individual requirements, including the capability of adding powered seating components such as tilt, recline, seat elevation and elevating leg rests.

Expandable Electronics:

The R-Net expandable electronics package opens up a world of possibilities:
from Bluetooth mouse emulators to vibrant colour displays; bright LED lights, to multiple inputs that change with your everyday needs, the R-Net is ready for you!!


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