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Power Wheelchair Handicare Puma 40


Puma 40. A benchmark for the way ahead. With Puma 40, Handicare introduces a new generation power wheelchair for intensive use indoors and outdoors. Truly modular in design, Puma 40 offers the flexibility to create a perfect fit for your comfort and lifestyle. Available in front and rear wheel drive, Puma 40 delivers comfortable and stable driving at all speeds due to the adjustable Full Track Suspension System (FTSS) and a choice of renowned electronics. Powerful 4-pole motors with high torque ensure great manoeuvrability and capable top speed of 6.5 mph. For maximum accessibility indoors, PUMA 40 offers very low seat height possibilities (16”). The award winning Sedeo-Pro seating system offers a new level of seating capability, combining built-in adjustability with a wide range of interchangeable options. A full range of power positioning options are also available. The Puma 40 is a perfect blend of functionality, comfort and modern design.

Good Driving Indoors and Outdoors

The Puma 40, available in front and rear wheel drive, is designed for intensive use.  It’s Full Track Suspesion System (FTSS) combined with adjustable centre of gravity ensures a smooth stable drive with optimaltraction.  Powerful 4-pole motors provide high torque and a top speed of 6.5mph – Great for cruising in all kinds of environments.  It’s ultra-low seat height of 16” enhances independence and accessibility indoors.


Un-surpassed Seating Adjustability

The award-winning Sedeo Pro seating system offers a new level of seating adjustability. From the Latin “I Sit”, the Sedeo Pro seat frame offers many built-in telescopic style adjustments that can be moved and set in place, offering a virtual “one size fits all” seating concept. These adjustments can be done on the spot to ensure optimum user fit and allow for on-going adjustability if needs change over time. The Sedeo Pro’s modular, interchangeable seating components and accessories provide excellent support for the entire body. And its modern contemporary design is as impressive as its functionality.


Stylish Design with a Personal Touch

Characteristic to the PUMA 40 are its modern and stylish looks. The base and and Sedeo Pro seat system are an impressive blend of functionality and design. The PUMA 40 base is available in two stylish frame colours plus 4 complimentary accent colours – easy personalization to an individual’s lifestyle.


Modular, Flexible Concept

With its modular design concept and enhancedadjustability, Puma 40 offers the flexibility to create a perfect fit. If needs change over time, Puma 40 can change too: with options like powered tilt, recline, seat elevation, legrests, and the renowned R-Netexpandable electronics.

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