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Power Wheelchair Invacare TDX SP


TDX SP with Formula CG Powered Seating
Invacare has entered into a consent decree of injunction with the FDA that may limit our ability to provide this product.

The TDX SP is the first model in the next generation of TDX (Total Driving eXperience) power wheelchairs. The TDX SP takes all the best features of the TDX series and improves upon them with enhanced performance, superior ride quality, quieter chassis, and an elegantly simple design.
With built-in technologies such as a True Center Wheel drive, Enhanced SureStep, Traction Control Design, Quiet Stability Lock, MK6i Electronics, and powerful 4-pole motors, the TDX SP is designed to meet the needs of rehab clients who demand performance and style.
The TDX SP for Formula CG Powered Seating is available with Tilt/Recline and Tilt/Recline/Elevate.


  • Enhanced SureStep suspension allows for the front casters to travel 6 inches (3″ up and 3″ down). Coming up and off everyday obstacles like thresholds now feels effortless and silent.
  • Quiet Stability lock provides stability with a “damping” effect while driving.
  • MK6i Electronics with the MK690 controller provides up to 90 amps of power and reliable 4 pole motors allow for a top speed of up to 5.8 mph.
  • 55 degrees of tilt with 300-lb weight capacity and 45 degrees of tilt with 400 lb weight capacity.
  • 170 degree of recline and 3″ of mechanical sheer.


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