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Vitacare Medical V4 Mattress Systems

Vitacare Medical Products is another quality Canadian Supplier with their well-known and popular V4 Surfaces.

By using Mattress Insert products, V4 Surfaces can allow for the optimal positioning of therapeutic relief to someone who is in bed for high periods of time, thus avoiding bedsores or allowing for the recovery from them.

  • Therapeutic: The Vitacare V4 and V4 RE-ACT Surfaces create an optimal therapeutic environment for skin healing and skin protection. For over 15 years the Vitacare V4 and V4 RE-ACT Mattress Systems continue to be a highly effective way to manage surface pressure.
  • Versatile: The unique zoned Mattress System allows up to four Mattress Inserts to be used for therapeutic treatment as well as the option to use โ€œMemory Foamโ€ mattress inserts for prevention of skin breakdown.
  • Cost Effective: You have many options for strategically positioning the Mattress Inserts to the exact location that your patient requires them. The V4 and V4 RE-ACT Mattress Systems have proven to be one of the most cost effective therapeutic surfaces available in Canada.
  • Simplicity: The V4 and V4 RE-ACT Mattress System can be easily set up in minutes. The V4 Mattress is a non-powered surface eliminating the risk of failure and significantly less maintenance costs.

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