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Mobility Devices at SUPERIOR Home Health Care

We all know that growing older is a blessing denied by many, however, growing older may come with its fair share of difficulties as well.

One of the most common is trouble with mobility, and SUPERIOR Home Health Care is here to help in all ways possible!

As we get older, we tend to lose muscle mass and develop problems with our joints. For many seniors, this results in difficulty walking. When this happens, many seniors turn to a mobility aid, such as a cane, a walker, a rollator or a wheelchair.

Mobility devices are not only for seniors. The risk of falling or healing is a valid concern among individuals who are recovering from surgery, or who are living with a life-long medical condition. Walkers and rollators are ideal for rehab, recovery, and long-term mobility needs.

If your loved one is finding walking difficult, you might be struggling with how to choose the right mobility aid.

To help, the team at SUPERIOR Home Health Care has outlined the different kinds of mobility aids you might be considering.

These types of devices are for seniors who still have the ability to walk, but who require assistance or support to do so.

Canes   Canes provide help with balance and relieve pressure on joints for seniors with light to moderate walking difficulties.

Quad Canes   A quad cane provides greater stability for seniors with light to moderate walking difficulty, but who require a little extra balance than a single-point cane.

Walkers    A walker (without wheels) provides greater stability than a cane but can be difficult to move compared to a wheeled walker.

Walkers with Wheels   A walker with wheels offers excellent stability and is easier to move than a non-wheeled walker.

Rollators    Rollators, which are wheeled walkers with hand brakes and seats, are currently the most popular mobility aid. They offer a high level of stability, ease of use, can double as a seat if the user becomes tired, and often contain a basket for holding everyday items.

Most Consumers are unaware they require two or three devices to assist in higher mobility. For example, canes work great on stairs and folding walkers with wheels work inside your home on level flooring, but a Rollator is best for active outdoor use due to its durability and strength.

Ask one or our EXPERTS IN HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT! to assist you! We will keep you safe and active!

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