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Rollators are more versatile than the standard medical walkers. They are available in a variety of weights, seat  heights, handle configurations, and styles. Although 3 wheel versions are available, the majority of rollators have the  stability of 4 wheels and include a seat for resting and a basket for carrying personal items as you walk.  There are two  basic types of rollators funded by the government in Ontario.  The main difference between the two is the size of the  wheels, overall durability and price.  The government has set the price at $324 and $41  for these two walkers but  with  5% funding the cost to the client is only $81 and $104.25 respectively.  The latest style of rollators have a cross  folding frame making them easier to fold to put in a car or tuck in a closet (when not being used).  These rollators can  also be folded slightly to fit through a bathroom door while still being safe enough to use

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