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Transport Chairs at SUPERIOR Home Health Care

Transport wheelchairs are useful if the care recipient has difficulty walking lengthier distances or if you are going on a longer outing than usual.

Transport wheelchairs are meant for temporary use.  Transport wheelchairs typically do not have as many options for seat widths and come with a basic fabric back and seat.

Wheelchairs and transport chairs both are designed to help increase mobility and convenience for elderly and disabled individuals. Knowing the differences between the two and considering the needs of the user will aid in the decision to choose one over the other.

Our MOBILITY EXPERTS at SUPERIOR Home Health Care can help you choose the best wheelchair or transport chair for your specific needs.

What is the difference between Transport Chairs and Wheelchairs?

Firs look for differences in the rear wheels.

Transport Chairs have 8”-12” rear wheels that cannot be reached while sitting in the chair.

Wheelchairs, however, are built with larger 18”-24” wheels topped with an easy-to-grip, rotating handrail that allow users to propel themselves forward, while Transport Chairs require the assistance of a second person to push from behind.

There is also a significant difference between braking systems.

Wheelchairs often feature a push-lock wheel mechanism, locking the chair in place for users to safely enter or exit the chair.

Transport Chairs are equipped with brakes on the handles located on the back of the chair. This feature enables the person pushing the chair to apply the brakes more easily.

Most wheelchairs are suited for longer-duration sitting, are equipped with padded armrests, backrests, and seats for optimum comfort.

Transport Chairs, however, are travel friendly. They are lightweight, compact and can easily folds to fit inside a car trunk, making it less bulky than a standard wheelchair.

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