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A modular ramp system is intended to a be a more permanent access solution than a portable ramp. They are meant to cover longer distances and higher rises than portable ramps are suitable for. Modular ramps are custom-designed and we assemble them on site at your home. They usually consist of multiple pieces including sections of ramp, landings, handrails, and footings. Almost all our modular ramps are constructed from aluminum for durability and to accommodate for our Canadian weather exposure.

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The greatest concern of those who use an access ramp is, “is it safe”?

With our unique, 360-degree non-slip surface that is quiet in use and does not deflect under heavy weight, our customers find satisfaction in QRamp. Our ramps are not only safe but are also visually pleasing, simple to install and can be on your doorstep within days of your purchase.

Constructed of high strength, powder coated aluminum they are lightweight and can be installed by anyone who is able to use a wrench. Add a second person to your installation and you can have a solid good-looking ramp ready to use in a few hours.

Our ramps are so modular that we sometimes see them for sale second hand. If your circumstances change so can QRamp which makes QRamp hold its value for years to come.

With no need for building permits, contractors and complicated blueprints your biggest question should be why not QRamp? (Please check with your local build codes to verify any requirements.)

Qramp is located in Wallaceburg, the extreme south-west province of Ontario in the municipality of Chatham-Kent, Canada. Support a high-quality Canadian Manufacturer!

Pathway 3G Modular System provides the fastest, safest, and most efficient solution to your accessibility needs.

The PATHWAY® 3G Modular Access System provides the safest, fastest, and most efficient solution to your accessibility needs. It’s unique features, including universal components and interchangeable surface and handrail options, make it an excellent choice when your residential access requirements extend beyond the scope of a portable ramp. Durable, dependable, an American made, the PATHWAY 3G offers customizable solutions to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements of your home. If your needs change, the PATHWAY 3G can transition with you.

This American-made modular system consists of ramps, stairs, and platforms, all of which may be combined and configured in a variety of ways to provide a customized fit to your home. The system is made of durable aluminum and comes complete with our lifetime warranty. Power coating options are also available.

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SUPERIOR Home Health Care has been providing home medical supplies, equipment and superior service to many communities in Ontario for more than 29 years. SUPERIOR Home Health Care continues the tradition of home healthcare stores with a wide selection of home medical equipment for people with disabilities, recovering from surgery or experiencing the challenges of aging. Locally owned and operated by Jim Migliazza in Thunder Bay and Dryden, and John & Suzi Tom in Barrie.

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