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Bath Safety Accessories


  • Bath safety rails provides security, stability and comfort when entering or exiting the bathtub.
  • Bath Matts provide added stability, better surface contact and grip for traction and security. They can also provide a more comfortable and secure footing while standing in a bath tub or shower and can help you get into and out of the bath tub or shower securely.
  • A hand held shower spray enables the user to safely sit while showering; making personal hygiene more secure – it is also easier for a healthcare provider to help in bathing. An on/ off water switch provides added control to momentarily stop and restart, while maintaining the water temperature at the desired temperature.
  • Grab bars are used in bathrooms to help prevent accidents such as falling, slipping and sliding. Install grab bars on the side of a bath tub or shower wall. You should also install them on the walls where extra support may be needed, such as around the toilet and sink areas. You can mount most grab bars vertically, horizontally or diagonally in the tub or by the toilet.

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