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Driving Adaptations from SUPERIOR Home Health Care

SUPERIOR Home Health Care offers a wide selection of adaptive driving equipment for most every type of vehicle to regain independence and to be in control of your own transportation.

The majority of our Driving Adaptation equipment we offer is manufactured by the most trusted names in the industry – SURE GRIP and MOBILITY INNOVATIONS.

Our manufacturer-certified Technicians offer a full range of driving aids such as hand controls, pedal extensions, brake pedal guards, steering knobs, and high-tech electronic controls. They will work closely with you to custom fit your automobile, van or truck with the adaptive equipment that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Many consumers are unaware of licensing and insurance requirements when it comes to driving adaptations. We will educate and inform you!

Barrie and Thunder Bay locations are members of The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) Our memberships allow us to connect and work with Occupational Therapists who are specially trained to assess people for their driving challenges and the solutions required. These experts may have the designation of Certified in Driver Rehabilitation (CDR) in Ontario.

Contact your local location for a referral to your closest CDR.

Together, we are the team that can Keep You on the Road!

Sure Grip Products

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Choose Your Throttle Source:

Easily switch from the factory pedal to your hand controls by pressing the FeatherLite activation button.

No More Gas Rod:

Electronic acceleration eliminates the need to physically depress the gas pedal and, consequently, the need for a gas rod at all.

This leads to a noticeable increase in leg room and cleaner installations.

Smooth, Easy Throttle:

FeatherLite gives you direct access to your vehicle’s throttle system. The result is the most responsive throttle on the market.

Keep Two Hands On The Wheel:

One of the great advantages of the Push/Rock style is that it keeps both your hands in a position to maintain contact with the steering wheel while you drive.

Easy Access to Secondary Controls

The Push/Rock is also the best hand control on the market for keeping your hands close to your vehicle’s secondary controls such as turn signals, wiper, wash and dimmer.

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The Sure Grip FL211 Left Foot Accelerator brings the feel of driving with the original pedal to the left side.  The pedal assembly utilizes a sleek universal floor mounted pedal, giving the full system a professional and factory look.


The system employs the FeatherLite one source acceleration, making it the safest Left Foot Accelerator in the industry. The FL211 will always default to factory operation to ensure vehicle safety for untrained drivers.


Simply press the activation push button within 30 seconds of starting the vehicle to switch over to the Left Foot Accelerator for the duration of the trip. The FL211 can also utilize a column mounted strategy, reducing the damage to the vehicle and allowing for installations in vehicles with floor mounted battery banks.

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Make Steering a Breeze!

Minimal Steering Wheel Damage: Our clamshell-style base distributes the clamping force across the maximum possible area, reducing the pressure points that damage steering wheels.

​Easy Spinning: This is the only spinner knob on the market with built-in high-speed bearings.

Quick Release: Removing the knob from the base is as simple as pushing the red release button on the base.

Easy Insertion: The taper on the end of the pin makes sliding the knob back into the base a breeze. No need to press the release button, just press it in and go.

Available in Wood Grain: Solid wood spinner gives you a classic look and is ideal for vehicles with wood grain interior panels.

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Mobility Innovations Products

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Our Column Mount Multi-Function Turn Signal Lever mounts to the trim cover of the steering column with loose fit on the turn signal stalk.

This new mounting system ensures that it can be installed without issue on absolutely any vehicle and there is no longer any risk of accidentally activating turn signals due to bumps or pot-holes.

By adding a second pivot point at the steering column we have increased the functionality by allowing the driver to access OEM features available when pushing forward and back on the turn signal lever.

What Makes SUPERIOR Home Health Care Different?

SUPERIOR Home Health Care has been providing home medical supplies, equipment and superior service to many communities in Ontario for more than 29 years. SUPERIOR Home Health Care continues the tradition of home healthcare stores with a wide selection of home medical equipment for people with disabilities, recovering from surgery or experiencing the challenges of aging. Locally owned and operated by Jim Migliazza in Thunder Bay and Dryden, and John & Suzi Tom in Barrie.

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